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Five Steps for Implementing a Green Cleaning Program

Note:  Facilities can download the OGS Green Cleaning Program Guidance (Guidance) document from the Customizable Documents and Templates section of this website. The Guidance document details the five steps described below and provides tools for tracking the implementation process. The Customizable Documents and Templates section also contains additional forms and documents useful in developing a Green Cleaning Program.

Step I - Groundwork

The first step is to build a Green Cleaning Team (Team) that includes at least one representative from each of the facility’s stakeholders groups. The Team will work to develop a Green Cleaning Program (Program) that meets the needs of the facility and stakeholders, and build support of the Program.  This step includes the following: 

  1. Identifing key stakeholder groups who may have an interest in, and will take ownership of, the Program and contribute to its success.  These groups may include administrational and non-administrational staff, custodial staff, labor unions, faculty, students, school nurses, school board, Parent Teacher Association. The school or state Health and Safety Committee should include representatives of these groups and may be able to help develop or enhance the green cleaning program. Alternatively, a separate green cleaning team should be created, so that representatives of the community's groups can come to a consensus on green cleaning policies and procedures during program development.

  2. Identifing candidates for the Team who will participate in development and implementation of the Program.  The Team should have representation from each identified stakeholder group.  Appoint a Team leader to manage and coordinate Team activities and keep the Program on track.

  3. Establish stakeholder buy-in and ownership of the Program. Educate stakeholders on the benefits of a Green Cleaning Program and the steps for implementation. Identify and promote stakeholder contributions to the Program using informational brochures, presentations, office/school newsletters, school board meetings, or any other avenues of communication. Schools may download a school specific informational brochure and the Introduction to Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning Programs literature from the OGS Customizable Documents and Templates web page to use for this purpose.

  4. Hold a Team kick-off meeting to establish the roles and responsibilities of each Team member and the stakeholder group they represent.  Be open and transparent. Allow Team members and stakeholders to codify and agree on their obligations.  Remind them that their roles and responsibilities have a direct impact on making the Program a success.