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Step III - Planning

The core of the Program is based upon the findings of the Assessment. From the Assessment, the Team can do the following:

Identify goals and objectives.Obtainable goals and objectives are critical aspects for implementation of a successful Program. They establish the focus and direction of the Program as well as providing references to determine the success of the Program. Using green cleaning best practices (see the OGS Best Practices section of this website), follow these steps:

  • List the facility’s strengths and areas for improvement;
  • In each area of improvement develop goals and objectives; and
  • Establish measurable benchmarks that assess the Program’s goals and objectives   

Identify and document custodial resources and budget needs to accomplish the goals and objectives.

Prioritize the Program’s goals and objectives. List in order the goals and objectives that will produce immediate results and the greatest potential gain, that are easiest to demonstrate or measure, and are most cost-effective to implement. Remember to consider the resources and budget available to implement the Program. From this prioritized list, the Team can decide which goals and objectives to implement in the Program.

Establish a timeline for completing each of the goals and objectives of the Program.

Compile a draft Program and seek feedback from the facility stakeholders.

Review stakeholder comments and implement appropriate changes.

Notes: A Green Cleaning Program Outline can be downloaded from the Customizable Documents and Templates section of this website.