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Step IV - Implementation

While the Program is being implemented, the Team should:

  • Hold Team meetings regularly to discuss Program progress and address any problems that arose.
  • Communicate progress to stakeholders via scheduled meetings, orginzations involved with the facility (i.e., Parent Teacher Associations), facility newsletters, facility websites, or other avenues of communication.
  • Evaluate and inspect custodial work to ensure adherence to cleaning procedures outlined the Program, and solicit feedback from custodial staff.
  • Conduct cleaning level assessments to determine if the accepted levels of clean (ALCs) are being met.  Facilities can download and use the Custodial Cleaning Level Audit form to determine if custodial staff is maintaining appropriate levels of clean.
  • Perform routine housekeeping satisfaction surveys to measure Program effectiveness.  An example survey can be downloaded from the OGS Customizable Documents and Templates section of this website.
  • Provide a feedback system that allows stakeholders to submit suggestions, questions, or concerns.
  • Document lessons learned (aspects that do not work well and others that do) from implementing the Program. Lessons learned will be helpful for updating and modifying the Program.
  • Assess the Program’s measurable benchmarks at established intervals to determine if the Program is on track.
  • Reinforce the importance of stakeholder contribution to the Program’s success by rewarding stakeholder groups (including custodial staff and building occupants) for their contributions. Incentives and rewards could be office/class room pizza parties, gift certificates, “green employee/student of the month” awards, and special parking privileges, Publicize these incentives and rewards to the facility population.
Notes: Step IV activities never end!