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Response to Public Comment


The public comments received by November 20, 2009 on the Green Cleaning Proposed Guidelines and Specifications on the Procurement and Use of Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products for all Elementary and Secondary Schools in New York State have been reviewed.  We would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to provide public comments.

Based on our review of all comments, we developed groupings of similar comments, which we called categories. We then created a heading or title for each category, provided our response to that category, and attached all associated or related comments.  Below you will find a Table of Contents that lists all 8 categories.  Please find the category you wish to view and click on it. You will be linked to that specific category, which will be followed by the response, then by all the related comments.

  1. The Guidelines should add other product categories to the list of OGS Approved Products — Guidelines should include additional product categories

  2. Guidelines should consider the Design for the Environment (DfE) Program and not rely solely on the Green Seal and EcoLogo standards — Guidelines should consider Design for the Environment Program

  3. The Guidelines should consider 3rd Party Certification and Self-certification process for adding cleaning products to the list of OGS Approved Products — Guidelines should consider 3rd Party & Self Certification

  4. Guidelines should emphasize need for “closed-system” for diluting cleaning products — Guidelines should consider closed systems for diluting cleaning systems

  5. The Public Comment period should be extended — Extend Public Comment Period\Extend Public Comment Period

  6. The Guidelines need to address the use of air fresheners and cleaning products with fragrances — Guidelines should address use of Air Fresheners and Fragrances

  7. The Guidelines should provide reporting and oversight — Guidelines should require a process for Reporting and Oversight

  8. The Guidelines should restrict the use of disinfectant/sanitization products in schools. — Disinfectant and sanitization products in schools

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