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How to Use the Curriculum

To take the online training courses offered by OGS, individual users must first Register Online. Registration is a one-time process. Information provided during registration will be used to evaluate current and future courses as well as Green Cleaning Program website content in general so that OGS can better serve its users. Registrants may elect to receive e-mail notifications of future updates to the website.

Course materials such as training manuals and Quick Reference Cards can be downloaded from the Customizable Documents and Templates section of this website and be used in conjunction with the online courses. All online courses require the completion of a course evaluation, which provides critical feedback to OGS on course layout, organization, effectiveness, and participant satisfaction. Certain online courses require a test of the trainee's knowledge of the course content before (Pre) and after (Post) the course to determine the course material's overall effectiveness. After the successful completion of each course, a Certificate of Completion can be created and printed, or saved as an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) for future printing. Courses available are listed below.

The purpose of this curriculum is to encourage learning about green cleaning. Therefore, while pretests and posttests have been included, and a Certificate of Completion can be printed, the main focus is on learning. As such, supervisors are encouraged to consider the best method to offer this training to their employees. It can be provided so that staff take each course individually and work through the material by themselves, or a supervisor could meet with staff as a group and review the slides and take the pretests and posttests together. You are in the best position to determine how to utilize this information to most effectively meet your needs. Enjoy the training.

Available Green Cleaning Online Training Courses

CoursesPre/Post TestsCourse EvaluationCertificate of Completion
Introduction to Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning ProgramsN/AYesYes
Basics of Green CleaningYesYesYes
Restroom CleaningYesYesYes
Supervisory (Managing Change/Transition)YesYesYes
Carpet Care and MaintenanceYesYesYes
Floor Care and Maintenance - Part 1YesYesYes
Floor Care and Maintenance - Part 2YesYesYes
Enhanced Green Cleaning Guidance to Reduce the Spread of Communicable DiseaseYesYesYes

N/A – Not Applicable